Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

If you’re new to the webcam industry we know you will have a lot of questions! We have answered some of the most commonly asked ones below. If you have any that are unanswered then please get in contact! (You can contact us using the WhatsApp button on the bottom right of your screen!

  • PayPal - Bank Transfer - Crypto Payouts! 

  • 100% Profile Management (Optional) We take care of everything! You just focus on camming!

  • Typical average weekly earnings £500 – £2000 per week.

  • DailyPay - Get paid everyday by Midday!

  • WeeklyPay - No working in arrears, You are paid weekly!

  • A team of supportive, active webcam models
    Guidance from the pros! All hours of the day

  • Weekly incentives & competitions

  • No Minimum Hours! Work the hours that suit your lifestyle.

There are no start up fees of any kind - It doesn't cost you a penny to join our team 🙂 

Webcam modelling is the quickest and easiest way to make money and the more you put in, the more you get out. The earning potential really is limitless and the amount you earn is up to you!

One of the factors when it comes to earning is how much time you have. You may choose to work full time to earn as much money as possible work part time around another job, studying or parenting. All of our webcam models are completely different in their approach and enjoy the flexibility that webcam modelling allows.

Personality, consistency and good customer service are also important. Your aim will be to keep your audience online as long as possible and you do that though relationship building. The amount you earn is down to you and how much effort and energy you put into your time online. Typically our models earn anything from £500 – £2000 a week.

Here are some daily earnings from our models:


Webcam modelling itself works on a pay per minute rate, so the longer you keep the client  on a call, the more you earn.

This is helped by the effort you put in to building a relationship with your clients and encouraging them to become a regular. Our webcam models typically earn £1 to £3 per minute on their calls, this amount goes up depending on whether it’s a group call or a 1-1 private chat. 

We provide full training and support on how to keep clients on a call for longer.

There are also many other Paid For Services that we offer including:

  • Live Webcam Chats / Shows
  • Phone Chat
  • SMS Chat
  • Pay To View Private Galleries
  • Pay To View Videos
  • Sales Pages

No, some models choose not to show their face for privacy reasons. However, showing your face can create a more personal connection with viewers, which can lead to higher engagement and higher earnings. If you decide not to show your face, we can advise you of other engaging ways to interact with your audience.

Our models get to choose either Daily / Weekly pay. There are no long wait times and weekly pay is made Every Monday! 

We pay our models 365 days a year (yes this includes bank holidays, Christmas and New Years!) 

Payments are made by the following:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • International Bank Transfer 
  • Crypto

The requirements of becoming a webcam model with Dollhouse Live are

You must be over 18 years old

  • Hold one of the following forms of ID: Passport, Driving Licence, Provisional License or a Citizenship Card + Birth Certificate.
  • Own a laptop / smartphone /tablet with a functioning webcam.
  • Have access to reliable wifi with an upload speed above 5 MB/s. You can test your speed at

The legal age to work as a live web cam model in the UK is 18 years of age. Each model must provide at least one form of valid ID to prove they are 18 or over. This is the only reason we would use your ID and this is removed from our systems when we no longer require it.

Most of our models go through our training and start taking their first THE VERY SAME DAY

Our professional webcam model recruitment team are highly skilled at completing registrations fast & efficiently so it helps to have your identification and personal information to hand.

Once you apply, we will contact you via WhatsApp or Email to answer any questions that you may have and begin the process of setting you up.

First of all you will need to be age verified, so proof of your ID and a Verification photo will be required to confirm your credentials. This information is only kept on file in the event that a higher authority questions your identity for any reason.

Once verified, we will create your personal profile. Once set up, this is then handed over to you and will be under your full control.

We then begin training you and will send various training information, videos and documents, as well as provide access to our exclusive webcam model group chats. This will give you a great insight into other models activities and successes for ongoing support and advice.

Then, you will be ready to get online and start making money! We also provide full ongoing training and support during your webcam journey,